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The California Black Census and Redistricting Hub elevates Black voices, the need for equity, belonging, and representation in the decennial redistricting process.

Data, research, and policy-informed demography for equity in Black communities.

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The California Black Census and Redistricting Hub Project has convened an unparalleled delegation of grassroots organizations united with Black demographers, researchers, and policy experts representing some of the nation’s most esteemed institutions. We are committed to collaborating with stakeholders, decision-makers, and uplifting community voices to empower equity and fairness in the decennial redistricting process.

What is Redistricting?

Redistricting is the way boundaries are determined for political districts and decide which elected leaders represent our communities. Our communities must be represented by elected leaders who are committed to dismantling systemic racism and represent the political interests of all Black residents in California.

Why Does Redistricting Matter?

California has attempted to level the playing field by implementing independent redistricting commissions statewide and in local areas. Independent redistricting commissions exist to receive and consider feedback from the diversity of California communities for district maps and to identify communities of interest during the decennial redistricting process. To help prevent Black erasure in California, we must show up and make our voices heard in the statewide and local regions for redistricting.

In areas where there aren't independent commissions, redistricting processes have been dominated and manipulated by elected leaders who are incentivized to favor their own interests rather than those of the communities they represent. This often leads to elected officials choosing their voters rather than voters choosing their elected representatives.


Without community engagement and oversight, elected officials can engage in gerrymandering, a process in which district boundaries are often manipulated to favor anti-Black political interests. Some elected officials throughout the country and in California have used gerrymandering to marginalize Black communities. Gerrymandering dilutes Black political power and voice. It's important that we show up in these processes and hold elected leaders accountable.

The voices of Black communities must be recognized, protected, and uplifted in every phase of our democracy, including redistricting. Black communities must show up and participate to receive the representation we deserve. 

The Black Hub is stepping up to draw, provide and advocate for district maps that increase, defend, and protect Black political power and interests of Black communities in the redistricting process. We will not only explore and protect traditional Black neighborhoods in California, but we will also analyze the opportunities for equitable boundaries in emerging Black hubs and communities. 

Our Values

By empowering and elevating the voices of those most impacted by systemic racism, we empower and elevate the voices of those who must be a part of the solution.

Community Empowerment

We engage and elevate the communities most negatively impacted by inequities in conversations about policy, funding, and political representation.

Justice and Fairness

The redistricting process should be informed by data, guided by the community, and a transparent process, that is just and fair. Our internal process is responsive and future-forward. We prioritize the displaced and intend to give them a fair chance to be included, express community interests, and voice their concerns. 

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Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Our processes and approach uplift the needs of all Californians who have been impacted by structural and institutional racism. When Black communities are supported with solutions that address racism, all communities benefit.

Unity and Collaboration

Increasing Black political voice and power does not mean decreasing the voice and power of other marginalized and oppressed groups. We proudly welcome non-Black organizations to join us in examining census data, the intersections, differences, and similarities of our communities. We embrace the opportunity to develop a process and product that unites and represents us all.

Our Guiding Principles

Our work will influence the creation of a redistricting map that can produce the following long-term and life-changing outcomes for Black communities in California:

  • Black residents are accurately counted, recognized, and represented in the electoral arena.
  • Black residents have greater opportunities to be represented by elected leaders who reflect their communities, values, and interests.
  • Black communities, particularly those lacking the infrastructure, investment, and resources they deserve, are primed to advocate for their fair share of government funds and resources for schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

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We are committed to collaborating with stakeholders and decision-makers to uplift community voices and to empower equity, fairness, and belonging in the decennial redistricting process.

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